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    Does anyone have knee issues? I have a to meniscus in my left knee that I do not want to have surgery on for a lot of reasons. I know I have something going on with the other one. But I don't really want to find out what. It's all exercise related damage. (see you guys who don't work out. It's not as good for you as they say. hee hee)
    Because of this, when I exercise hard my knees bother me alot. I have been taking joint MD which helps but would love to know if anyone else has anything further they can recommend.


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      Ouch, sorry!!!!! Lisa, have you seen a specialist about this? I'm just conceed that the damage will get worse over time….


      Ouch. I am so sorry to hear about your knee problems.


      i had trouble years, and years ago when i was really into excerise. It seem to heal itself after i stopped the excerise!!


      Yes I went to an orthopedic surgeon. The only way to fix it is with surgery. But the risks with the surgery are arthritis and that they are messing with your knee. Some people do well with the surgery and are better off for it and others wish they hadn't had it. I can live with this for now. They bother me less when I don't do high impact stuff but if I monitor myself and only do it twice a week I can get by. So I don't want to have the surgery until the time comes when I have to. I'm all for homoepathic remedies in this case. I really don't want anyone cutting my knee open and messing with my joints. Plus I hate doctors. Especially arrogant male ones.


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        Sorry about your knees, Lisa! My dh doesn't have that problem, but we got in a car accident about 8 years ago, and he tore his ACL- he had to get surgery, or so he was told, and he has regretted it ever since. It made the pain so much worse, and he always has problems with it. And, we hear these types of stories about knee surgery all the time. My unprofessional advice: look into alteative therapies or physical therapy.


        Oh Lisa, I am SO sorry to hear about the pain and problems you are having. I agree with Rae about looking into alteative treatments, although I personally know a few people who have had hip and knee replacement surgeries and were very glad they did. Maybe what your particular medical problems are has a lot to do with it, as well as the experience and skill your surgeon has, even as so terribly arrogant as they can be, arrrrgh.

        Rae, I'm so sorry your dh is in such pain all the time 🙁 Has he ever talked to any other surgeons who may be able to do revision surgery? Just a thought. I hate to see people suffer every day in such pain.

        Lisa, my dd suffers from a terrible type of arthritis that is not easily treatable. She is my dd who has given me my one & only gdd, my precious Seny and trying to keep up with her all the time, now that she is walking!! takes a terrible toll on her body.
        My dd is really into homeopathic treatments and one of her doctors recommended Aica gel for her joint pain. You can get it at any of the larger health stores, like GNC and it has helped her a lot. It doesn't take all the pain away, of course, but it does give her a large measure of pain relief.

        BUT I would STRONGLY urge you to check with your doctor FIRST!!! I asked my doctor about it for a back problem I have and he told me it was NOT a good product for my particular condition, but my problem is very different from yours.
        I thought it was worth a shot for you to ask your dr. about and I hope you are able to find some real relief soon sweetie.
        (sorry for the long post)


        Have you considered a chiropractor? My husband had both knees to up including ligaments shattered like glass from someone backing up and not seeing him, he was pinned between the bumper of our car and the drivers. He saw a chiropractor regularly for months, he is now aok (whereby the orthopedist said he needed surgery).

        I had major knee stiffness problems from walking 1 hr. each night, once I started taking Osteo BiFlex (I don't know how it compares with joint MD) I'm fine-wouldn't do without it!



        glucosamine and chondroitin helps with joint pain. It just takes about a month to start working. Some studies show it is as effective as tylenol. I can personally vouch for it.


        REALLY??? A CHIROPRACTOR??? I would never have thought of that. I would consider it for sure. I had no idea. I wonder if acupuncture would help.
        I did this to my knee about 2 years ago. It took about 8 months for it to feel better. I was in some pain with it then. I'm not in pain now. I would describe it more as I am very aware of my knees. Whereas I am never aware of my elbows. hee hee
        It doesn't hurt. Sometimes it can be achy, it gets stiff and can be uncomfortable to climb stairs. But it's not pain. It's more like there isn't anything cushioning the joint and I can tell.

        Of course a surgeon is going to tell you need surgery. But since this is an elective thing at this point and not something where I can function I opt to wait.

        I take the otc joint stuff that has glucosamine in it. What I am more worried about is what is going to happen when I get older if I have this problem now! %-6

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          Jan, are those over the counter? I could really use something for the swelling at times…..

          Lisa, I can sympathize…. BOTH my knees are bad…. I've had 2 ops on my right knee…. orthroscopic at 15 and a lateral release at 24….. and completely dislocated my left one when I was 19….. and I can honestly say, that not having surgury on my left didn't stop the arthritis… which I have in both of them…..

          I'd suggust you do research and get a second opinion if you are worried

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