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    Hi everyone,

    I'm throwing this out, to see if you guys feel something for a *live chat*
    where we discus everything card related.

    I would like to hear your oppinion on what would work best for you.
    And by saying that I mean, what day of the week? and what time?
    (I do live 6 hours ahead of YOUR EST so please keep that in mind…lol)

    Do you want a live chat every week, every other week or once a month?

    Tell me!!!!!

    Swirly Admin
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      Me me me *waving hand frantically* I would love to dona live chat. Have tons of questions about your card making process. I'm still using card kits.

      I think once a month would be great. That way we can work it into our kits.


      I agree with Kim, once a month. Weekends are great, and around 2pm EST.


      Swirly Scrapper
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        I'd be interested. What time works best for you, Paulien? In in PST, just to make organizing things even harder 🙂 In terms of the weekend Sunday is better for me than Saturday, but I could also do weekday evenings.


        ME ME ME!!! Paulien!!!!! I'm easy on the time so leave that up to you guys. I just have to remember the time!!


        Lol girls…. I'm glad you are exited about it as I am….

        Jackie let's see… I'm 9 hours ahead of your time (pst)
        and 6 hours ahead of most of you girls….
        so let me think this through and I'll get back to you on what time and day….
        Thanks for your input ladies!

        Please keep your thoughts coming… IT HELPS!!!!!

        Swirly Admin
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          Paulein, I would love to chat with your!!! Your cards are utterly amazing!! Wish I could make them likeyou 🙂

          "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


          I would be happy to see you there Ang.
          What time or day works best for you girl?


          Swirly Scrapper
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            Yes please! I would be interested too – I just love your cards Paulien. I am not really a cardmaker so need all the help; I can get! I am UK time, but I will try and fit in whatever. Once a month would be great and then I could try and make one once a month!


            This would be great! I am usually pretty flexible as far as times. Can't wait!


            Thanks for the feed back girls.
            keep them coming!

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