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    Okay my Swirly Sister, this is my temporary crafting space in Daytona. I only brought a few things with me including that little desk. Everything I use most often are in the clear bins and shoe boxes. It's very difficult to get any work done, as you may imagine, because I have to dig through boxes and bins, and lay everything on the floor to craft.



    Swirly Scrapper
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      Wow, Regina, we're birds of a feather! Just think of how luxurious it will feel when you're back in a larger space and can spread out and work on a desk.


      Yes, that's going to be wonderful….


      My room is big and I am still digging through bins and baskets!! lol..That's what I need to organize! As long as you have a space Regina, you'll be fine, it's only temporary!!


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        I am so glad you posted pics. I am sure there are others with small spaces and I am sure there are suggetions to help make your space work for you.

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          I am soooo glad everyone's posting these pictures! I think it's very inspiring to see rooms in all different stages. I am actually so glad I continue to take pictures of my space throughout the changes. It's fun to see how much shopping you've done…hee, hee! I can hardly wait to see your permanent space 🙂


          The really amazing thing is….She does such beautiful LOs in such a tiny space with only a little of her scrappygoodness with her. Kudos to you!!!
          My space is really not that big, but it's packed! Organizing is hard…and time consuming…but fun!

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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