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    Hey Swirly Sistas,
    My printer just blew up, and I am glad because it will make me buy a new one (something that I have been meaning to do forever). Anyhoo, I really want to get a good one, but after hours and HOURS of reading product specs and reviews my head hurts (like my eyeballs want to pop out) because I can't find one that doesn't have a ton of compalints (and pretty serious complaints).
    Since we ALL scrap, I was thinking that we probably all want the same things in a printer- I am sure I am not looking for anything that you all wouldn't want- so I thought this might be a great place to ask for help!

    Wish List:
    Would love to be able to print decent pics (although I usually have them printed at Shutterfly, it would be nice to be able to print some on the fly).
    Need to be able to print on vellum and transparencies. (my last printer couldn't handle vellum, can you believe that?)
    Need to be able to print in Sepia (pretty sure that is standard, but in case, just sayin).
    Want it to be wireless (best with network/multi computer capabilities)
    Want it to not be an ink guzzler.

    Wish list isn't too bad, right?? I am willing to spend whatever it costs for a good one.

    Could you please share your suggestions or recommendations??
    Thank you all in advance, I will pop some aspirin now!
    Shawna Pollard

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      Shawna, I have a Canon MP640, It is an all-in-one but it is wireless, prints greats pics and didn't break the bank


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Mine is an Epson Artisan 725. Same features as Kathi's: all-in-one, wireless, great pics.

        As far as ink guzzler, well, let's face it: the printers are so inexpensive because the companies are actually profiting on the ink sales. CR gives HP printers the best ratings for cost of use & Cannon for over-all performance.


        I have the Canon MG6120 and wish I would have bought the Epson Artisan (my friend has that one) – the print quality is the SAME but the Epson is more user friendly in my opinion.


        Thank you BOTH for your input! The one that just blew up was a Canon Pixma MP6400 which *I think* was the model before yours Kathi.
        I'm sure they have made some improvements in the newer models, so maybe I could just get the newest Canon Pixma, but I did notice the strong mixed reviews which made me nervous, but all the printers I've looked at have strong mixed reviews.
        Seems like they just make disposable printers now, lucky if they last 2 years and guzzle lots of ink and that don't perform reliably. I remember my old brother printer that lasted 10+ years and was a total workhorse- when it finally quit, I bought an Epson, which I liked until it quit in 2 years (under light use) THEN we bought the Canon and it quit in about 2 years too. I just wish I could spend a little more for a keeper, but I guess it's true- they just don't make things like they used to!
        I am still kicking around between going back to Epson or staying with Canon… uggh decisions, LOL!


        Ooh I see another vote for Epson Artisan- that helps!! Now I'm leaning, hehe! Thanks Vicky!


        I have a Canon MG6220. It's fairly new, I bought it last year and so far so good. It's almost due to replace a couple of ink cartridges. It's wireless, and also an all in one to include copy and scanner. I love it! But I don't let my hubby use it, that printer is strictly for my photo's or important documents that need to be printed. I've heard the ink is expensive, but have yet to replace any of mine yet. KNOCK ON WOOD..LOL
        Hope this helps!

        I have another HP printer we use for everday use, that one is rinky dinky and works fairly well. But my Canon is off limits to everyone but me! LOL


        I have the Epson Artisan 810 and I LOVE the print quality of the pics!!!! It is wireless. Love it that I can sit in one room and print from another.

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          I have an Epson R2000. It's a wide format photo printer. It's not an all in one, but it is wireless. It prints up to 13 x 19 borderless. I love it.


          OOoooh you guys don't know how much I value your input! So nice to get trustworthy reviews on photo print quality!
          Lisa's vote for the Epson Artisan had just about had me ready to click buy…. BUT I have to admit the R2000 has me super intrigued and somehow I completely missed that model in my search!!
          Hmmm, being able to print on 12×12 would be, well super awesome!
          Now that I am completely sold on the Epson Artisan photo quality, and the all-in-one thing would be convenient… but now just wanting to know more about the R2000.
          Kim, How do you feel about the photo quality? Do you know how it compares to the Epson Artisan photos? Lastly, since it is a wide format, obviously it is made to handle all paper sizes in that range, but does it have any trouble with the paper feed for different sizes?
          Oooh so glad that I feel like I am closing in on a decision! Thank you all so much!!

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            I love the way it prints photos. I have no problem with paper feeds. I print on glossy, matte, transparency and vellum. It will take roll paper and has a seperate feed for thicker paper. Not sure how it compares to the artisan.

            The only con is this thing is huge. Hope you have the space for it.


            Kim, Thank you for the quick response! Wow, I've been reading up on the r2000, I see that it uses Pigment ink for archival photos!! Hmm this is looking like a juicy little printer (well it doesn't look little)!
            Wondering if it is an ink guzzler? If I get it, should I pick up another printer for documents to save the ink for pics? It looks like it will be about 200 bucks for replacement inks (for all 8 carts sold separately)- kind of nuts, wondering how often I'll need to replace?


            Well, thank you ALL so much in making a decision that began as a headache become so easy!!
            I went ahead and purchased the Epson Artisan 837 and I cannot wait to get it! I think it will be a great choice for all-in-one convenience, and will be more cost effective for general documents… AND I am still considering the R2000 for a separate photo/canvas/12×12 printer- that thing looks awesome!! My only conce is the ink consumption, and I can't wait to find out more from Kim on how often she has had to replace. I think I may have to get it too! You girls all RAWK!! Thanks again for your time and help!! I want to buy you all lunch!


            Yipeee, I simply wanted ONE good printer and I just bought TWO!! I went ahead and got BOTH! The r2000 can be my designated photo printer and the Artisan can be my everything one! I can't wait to play! Now I just need to get a new computer, hahaha- but I'll shop for that another day!!

            I am SO excited that I'm pretty sure I will be able to print a scrap worthy quality photo from home- I have never thought ones off of my previous Epson or Canon were the same caliper of Shutterfly.com prints- so I just couldn't throw them on a page– BUT I think that will change now AND I think that will allow me to get more scrappin done- cuz when I am editing photos is when I am inspired to scrap them (not after I uploaded them to the site and waited for a ginormous box to come in the mail- then I am overwhelmed with too many pics at once)!!
            I am doing the happy dance right now… although now I have to explain to the hubs why I need TWO printers!! I think he'll understand though, fingers crossed, hehe!


            Swirly Scrapper
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              Shawna, enjoy your purchases!!!!
              (& please let us know how they work for you; we love enabling feedback)

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