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    Swirly Scrapper
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      They're giving sneaks of their new Spring Market line over on their blog. http://websterspages.typepad.com/

      Whaddya think?

      Swirly Admin
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        Okay…. can't find it…. do they have the paperline laid out somewhere…..

        Have I mentioned I'm hopeless when it comes to finding things right in front of my face???? 🙂


        From what I can see it looks nice. I'd like to see more though.


        Webster's and I are not friends…….ducking as snowballs are thrown


        I think I would have to see more.


        I think I like the sneak #3. The colours look crispy.


        i can always work with WP, especially for cards, loads of fussy cutting.
        Kathi – won't get any snowballs from me, there's always something that doesn't tickle our fancy even though everyone else is mental over it – i get it ;)

        and we have no snow here.


        thanks Shell!!


        Swirly Scrapper
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          Kathi, what Shell said…

          As for me, two years ago, I was obsessed by Websters, couldn't get enough of it….

          Maybe because I finally got to play with it a lot, but while I don't dislike it and am happy to get some, it;s not high on my list of moost haves.

          That said, I do like the colors this time, a little less of the pastel is something that they've been needing to do for a long time. IMNSHO…..


          looks good to me

        Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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