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    Jan asked me to show how I did the folding so here is the tute on it.

    The person that I leaed this off of is Anna Griffin off of a scraping show that use to come on HGTV. I loved it then and still do.

    Supplies needed
    Paper 12×12 (for 1st time use a sheet that you don't care about)
    Pencil (I like the pump lead pencils better for drawing the lines)
    Scoring tool and bone folder ( I don't use the bone folder in this tute but you can to help sharpen the folds)
    Tape (this helps to lock down the folds so the don't move)
    I used a rubber brayer to flatten even more after it is completed, but don't use in the tute either. I did on my LO though.

    **NOTE** work on the back side of paper you will be using.

    Step 1

    Mark a little ( X ) in top left and also in bottom right of page. This will be used for where the page needs to be moved.


    Step 2

    Marking tick marks for lines to be drawn. You will be starting at top left side and go around the entire page in the same direction. The measurements are as follows:
    2 1/4
    6 1/4
    10 1/4


    Marking down the left side and then the bottom of page. When you get the bottom marked tu your page where the bottom right X is now at the bottom left. Then place your tick marks on that part of page. Tu your paper one more time so that the X is now at the top left and finish marking your page. You are now ready to draw your lines.




    Step 3
    Connecting the tick marks. Start in the top left and place your ruler so that the top 2 marks are lined up.


    Draw your lines going down the page in the same direction.
    This is what yours should look like.


    Now tu the page where the top left X is at the top right. Connect tick marks again. Going down the page in the same direction.


    When completed the marks make a diamond shape patte like this.


    Step 4
    Now score your lines. Going the same way you marked your lines. Be careful not to score so deep you cut your paper. I use a large foam piece that I got from walley world for the scoring. You can follow your lines with or with out a ruler. I just go over mine with out. I didn't take a picture of this step because it is really hard to see. I am just trusting that it is a easy enough step for everyone to understand what to do.

    Step 5

    Now your reday to start folding your piece. Start with your X on the top left side. Because you are going to fold the same way you marked and scored your lines. Going from top left down to the bottom right. You will fold going in that direction.
    Now fold at 2nd line at the top down and into your page like shown in pic below.

    Then fold 1st line back from paper like shown below.

    Go all the way down the page doing this. 2nd line into paper and 1st line back out of paper. Back and forth. Your scoring should help with this process and make it easier to fold. When your through with that process it should look like pic below.

    At this point you can use a bone folder to get a sharper tighter crease. Then tape it down lightly. I'm not for this tutorial but it does help hold the paper in place for the next step of folding.

    Now tu your paper were the top X is in the upper right side. Then fold in the same manner as you did the other side. Going down the paper in the same direction. Folding 2nd line in and 1st line out.

    Finished piece should look like this


    Note: after you fold down and tape you can use a brayer to flatten even more.

    Hope you like and enjoy.. 🙂

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      Thank you, thank you! I really loved this technique on your LO.


      Awesome tute, Tammy! Thanks so much! I have to try this 🙂

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        That's awesome, wow!


        Wow! Thank you! I cannot wait to try this now!


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          Great job Tammy! Thank you


          Your welcome everyone! 🙂


          Love Anna and all of her beautiful techniques! she was just on HSN last week!! Thank you Tammy for showing how to do this!! The technique is awesome!!


          Great tut, Tammy! I will have to give this a try!

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            Thanks Tammy will have to give this a try!!

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              Wow Tammy!!! That is so awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

              "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


              Thanks Tammy….I wish they still had that scrapping program! I miss it! Love the folding…..


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                Tammy, thanks so very, very much!!!!


                OH..great Tut Tammy! Thanks!


                Great tut Tammy!!! Thanks for sharing!

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