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    Ok please don't be harsh to mispellings I'm sooo sure there will be some. Today was HELL at work and I am pooped but this sits on my mind so to give my mind reprieve I am doing it tired or not! So Here we go!!

    Supplies needed:
    Cricut to cut apples from the Plantin cart you will need 12.

    Punches- either a snowflake punch, or a circle punch both will work. I am using the fancy snowflake punch from Mcgill. Sun punch from mcgill (for centers).

    Pad for shaping the petals, base and center of the flower.

    Shaping tools I use a ink pen end and a basic grey rubon tool (I don't have a stylist like shown on the Mcgill web site) also use a wooden stick (which is a Mary Kay cuticle pusher).

    Sizzors, tweezers, and quick drying glue.

    Coloring is opptional use what you want. I used ink and sponged it on the petals and around the edges. But have also used chalk and ink.


    Step 1

    Cut out your petals setting is roly poly the size I used was 1 1/2 inch.

    Step 2
    cut off the left and stem from each apple shape and color how you want. If wet let dry. (you can save the leaf and cut the stem add to circle punch mini size and make smaller flowers).


    Step 3
    Shape your petals. Use foam pad and what tool you have to shape with. You want to go around in circles in the center and work your way around the out side causing the petals to crincle on the edges.


    Then I use tweezers in the center of the bottom part of the petal (which is the narrower end)to form a crinkle.

    Then use a rolling tool (my wooden stick) to curl top part of petal back.

    Do this on all 12 petals note: you will need to use your fingers some to help the shaping process.


    Step 4
    Making base for the petals punch 2 snowflakes or circles and use shaping tool to rub the center to get it to bowl the sides up to attach petals to. do this on both pieces.


    Step 5
    Attach 6 petals to each base . Make bottom base farther out than top base. You may have to glue petals on the top base to each other down toward the bottom over laying them side by side to get the top part to shape right.


    You can use a pop dot to attach to the bottom base to the top or use glue. Your choice.

    Step 6
    Making center Punch out 4 suns 1st sun cut between each ray the use pen to cup it up. Roll in center circle motion till they stand up. Do this on all 4 pieces each time cut a little father toward the center being careful not to cut all the way threw to the other side. the closer you cut the more it stands up closer together when you swirl with the pen. The last 2 pieces cup tighter with your fingers.


    Now glue least spread center to the next and so on. After you have them stacked and glued together kinda push prongs in to help close in the center.

    Now glue the center in the middle of the top base by putting glue in the center of the top base and placing center there. I used a brush and lightly inked the center after I had it placed and munipulated how I liked it.


    There you go a pretty Peonie to enjoy. the great thing about using the Cricut you can play with the sizes of the apple to get lots of diffeet sizes of Flowers. I have a bunch of different sizes cut and ready to play with. ;D

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      Beautiful flower!!

      "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


      Gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for taking the time before you vacation to do this for us.

      Question: I'm using my cricut to cut out the suns. What is the diameter of the sun shape?? The Snowflake shape??? I have trouble making my pieces the right size when using my cricut.
      I love it that you have used ordinary objects to use to cup the snowflake. Thanks!

      Thanks again! It's beautiful!!!


      The sun shape that I used is a 7/8's and the snowflake punch is a 1 7/8's. It will be a staycation LOL.. What takes me so long to do anything is DH is sleeping in my scraproom aka my bedroom LOL.. I told him he is gonna have to go to the couch a cupple of days so I can get my scrap on or ware eye patches and ear plugs!! LOL He works nights and on the weekend I can't do what I wanna do because he is in here! I plan on plying with all of my new goodies.. Heehe 🙂

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        Oh sooo pretty!


        Tammy..those are beautiful! Thanks for the tut! I'm gonna have to try this..TFS!


        Thank you so much Tammy. Great job.


        A beautiful flower! Thanks so much for the tut, Tammy!


        gosh…. what a beautiful flower!!! TFS


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          Awesome tutorial!! Thanks so much 🙂

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            Thanks for the tut!!! Awesome flower!!!


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              Awesome tut, awesome flower, thanks Tammy!!!

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                Thanks for the great tut tammy

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                  Thanks for the Tut Tammy. That flower is so pretty. Enjoy your staycation!


                  gorgeousflowers – wow

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