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    I have a problem in printing quality.
    I have a few problems actually.

    1. My photos are very sharp and granular. Is the resolution too high or too low? I am sizing the photos to 6*4….1800X1200 with DPI of 300.

    2. When I try and smooth out the complexion of someone, you can see the smooth part of the face and then the unsmooth part. Is that once again a pixel problem?


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      Gosh Jen, I'm not sure. What is the resolution (MP) on your camera? Can you up the DPI to 600? When you print do you have your printer set to photo quality on photo paper?


      Nope I dont print my own photos. I send them out.

      This is a new problem so I am clearly doing something different in photoshop because I have printed several hundred photos off and never had a grainy, pixelated image before.

      I have never changed the image size before but this time I dabbled.
      The only thing I did differently is crop everything to be 6×4 , change the size to 1800X1200 and DPI to 300.

      I am not sure if Pixelated is the right word. The image backgroud for example is really blurry and blocklike, not soft and smooth.



      When you are in PS do you try save for the web and select high resolution?


      freakin out Swirly sista's! I spent about 10 hours on CS4 getting these photos done. But I did not blow away the raw files if I need them again.


      I don't have CS4 Jen and I have not had this problem unless it was a bad image to begin with. Sometimes I get some pixalation when I make changes but it goes away when I save for the web at a high resolution.


      hmmm – nope not trying to save for the web. And I don't think it is my image.

      I save every photo I work on as a tiff, then go and save as a jpeg. This is also the first time I flattened every image before I saved. I never do that. I did it because my Aunt told me she could not open my images as they were too large. I thought I would make them smaller by flattening them, cropping them, and specifying the image size.

      Friggin all the things I never do, and have great images.

      It's got to be an odd ball thing i am doing. Cropping?


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        Hmmmm, when you crop an image, it jumps back to the original size, expanding the image. I wonder if that could be it????????
        Have you tried reducing the image size???
        I'm so not a pixel expert, but I have noticed a change in image quality when I crop some scanned snapshots that were taken on color film.


        OK not freaking out – well kinda sorta I am since I was going to give the CD of images to the owner today.
        But this is just a leaing experience – one of those wicked growth pangs that hurt just a tinch. Compared to real problems that people are facing this is a work fast moment.

        now what to do and why…..

      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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