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      I have never taken pictures of my scrapbook pages for uploading. Anybody have any advice? When I have taken pictures of cards I make I always have problems with the reflection of the paper, glitter or bling making it look bad. I would like to try to enter this month's challenge. Thanks!


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        Natural light is the best. I use a light tent, but not everyone does.

        If you can take it outside and prop it up against something that is always the best. I used to put tape on the back of my pages and then tape it up on my house. Don't do this in direct sunlight because you will end up with a haze on your page. Try to keep your flash off. The flash is creating the reflection.

        I'm sure you will get a lot of tips on this question. Lots of us do it differently. I love my light tent and living in the northeast, sunshine can be hard to come by at times so I really needed to get one.

        I have to leave for work or I would offer more, but I's sure some of the other girls will help you out too!


        Cynthia, we have a thread here where a few of us have explained how we photograph our layouts. This may help you as there are a few different ways.


      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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