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    We are expecting day 62 of temps over 100 and no rain.
    However….there is a tropical storm headed our way….and WE NEED THE RAIN. I hate to pray for a tropical storm, but the rain will be soooooo appreciated. I'm praying for rain, but no damage. Texas could use your prayers…..We can't water our yards anymore, and it kills me to see our lawns tuing to straw. The ranchers are selling off their cattle so things are bad!


    Wow, Debbie, that's extreme even for Texas, isn't it? We finally got some rain here in the FL panhandle, absolutely pouring buckets and sideways almost every day for the past week. desperately needed here, too, but we'll send it your way now!


    Wow, that is really extreme for the Lone Star State. I'll be sending prayers for rain in my home state, Texas.


    i can't imagine, Debbie – hope you are holding up ok!


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      Debbie, I hope that all of you get some relief soon. It sounds like you're having the worst weather since the 1930's.


      I can remember a drought when I was 5 or 6 years old. Things were so bad then that my grandparents sold all their cattle and moved off their farm to go and live with their son in Hobbs, N.M. until it rained again. Things are bad right now….It's sooooo hot. It was only 103 today! ugh!!!

      We're keeping our fingers crossed for that tropical storm to come ashore in just the right spot….Maybe Saturday????


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        Doing a rain dance for you!!!

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          Hoping for rain and no damage!

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            I also have my fingers crossed


            Bad news….The tropical storm is not heading in the right direction to give us any rain….We need to pray it to make landfall a tad bit to the north….with a little more steam…LOL! Last night it didn't even get out of the 80's…..ugh!


            Well ya all that live there need to go visit your swirly sistahs in other states until yours cools down. My doors are always open!!! No swimming pool but 2 really nice lakes not 20 mins away!!!

          Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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