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    I WAS checking out the round robin in the gallery and I cant tell if the team goes across or down in the round robin. Help.


    Swirly Scrapper
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      If you look at the first post in the Round Robin thread in the forum Peggy has updated it with all the LOs. Each team is clustered together, so the first three LOs are from team 1, the next three from team 2 and so on. Not sure about the gallery.


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        The gallery is in no special order. It all depends on when people upload their pages. To see the specific teams you would have to visit the first page in the RR thread like Jackie suggested.


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          Kathy, that pretty much answers your question, I think.
          When you sign up, I make out a schedule that I include on the first post, listing the teams by week due, that is:
          Team 1
          Week 1 (name)
          Week 2 (name)
          and so on.
          Team 2
          Week 1

          I see that you've signed up at last, I'm soooo happy that you did. I'll be updating with a complete schedule on Tuesday.
          If you have ANY questions, please feel free to PM me. If I don't answer right away it's because I'm at work or otherwise out. I do answer as soon as I can.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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