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    Well? where do you find inspiration to create?
    For me, I can get inspired by something like this:


    or this


    I was actually cleaning up, but…. couldn't resist. I immediately want to play when I see something like this.


    So I cut some tags, and started to glue my scraps to it, using Multi Medium. Just randomly glued them down and added some pieces of washi tape and painters tape. When I was done, I gave it a coat of Multi medium and heat set it.


    I cut off the acces (sp) and distressed my edges.


    I scooped some Gesso on my tag and smeared it all out, using my spatula.


    till it looked something like this.


    Then I took a left over piece of a note card that came in the kit, and added some dots, using puffy paint. I also rubbed some puffy paint onto my tag.


    Then I cut some gauze bandage and added some Gesso to the top of my tag, pressing the gauze into the gesso.


    teared a piece of old bookpage and glued it to my tag using multi medium.


    I wanted to raise the notecard so I cut some cardboard and added gesso to the edges. Glued it to the back of my notecard.


    Glued the notecard in place and added a strip of paper. I also raised that one.


    Tucked in a scrap of lace that I used on a earlier project. glued it in place using 3 in 1 Craft Glue (Beacon's)

    and here's what my final tag looks like:


    and here's another one I quickly made out of scraps.


    Here's how I did this one.


    I started with misting my tag, (using a mix of Black Soot Distress-reinker and water in a mini mister)
    and flower and heat dried it.


    Distressed and inked the edges and glued this piece down. tucked in a piece of old bookpage at the bottom.


    Distressed and inked up the edges of the card, the paper strip and glued it, kinda ruffled onto my tag. also glued a tiny piece of bookpage at the left side.


    Made a bow from twine and glued it down with a flower on top.


    I took some sewing tread and folded it a couple of times double, then notted 2 velvet trinkets on it and with a stitch I attached them to the flower. finished it of with a pearl. I glued my flowers down and a metal key. Added some dots using liquid pearls. (these came in the French Quarter kit)

    Aren't they fun?! I still have to clean up tho….lol

    I hope you get some inspiration form this, and I challenge you, to just throw your scraps at your table, throw some embellies on it, some twine and lace and shake it up a little. THEN see how it falls down. Take a picture of it, and start to create with the picture in front of you… You will be amazed with what you come up with.


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      I am speechless! How do you make such a pile of bits (well lovely bits) into something so absolutely beautiful and stunning Paulien! I can't wait to give this a go – what a great tutorial. x


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        Actually, I get a lot of my inspiration from you, Paulien, and this is a perfect demonstration of why!!!!
        Thanks so much for this, I promise that I'll be using these techniques!!!!


        Gorgeous tags, Paulien! Love the techniques! Thanks for sharing!


        Paulien, you definitely have a gift! Those are gorgeous!


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            I was going to say the same thing as Peggy, you always inspire me Paulien with all of these clever ideas that you have for your cards and tags! I will have to give this a try!


            You are amazing

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              Beau-ti-ful Paulien!!!!!!!!!!!You do have a gift….

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                Whoa Paulien!!! Amazing!!You make it look so easy!!

                "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


                Another project I can't wait to try:)


                From you girl!!!! You are like my fav designer!!!!! Yep I am a Pauline groupie!!!!


                What the ????? Hahaha, you are all being silly!!! But oh so sweet!!!!!!!!!

                Seriously you guys, looks at those first 2 pictures and spy what I see. those snippits of paper ….. Try it out. Get those scraps on the table!! lol

                here's another picture I quickly took when I cleaned up the mess I made, creating these tags.



                I had to try.. so I put some scraps out and I actually got 3 tags.. where one of them actually fittet perfect for a project I was finishing.. 🙂 So her you go..

                Her you see them as scraps, the 3 tags and my tag that I used inside this purse (front and back of purse).. you get more picks of that in my blog.. 🙂






                so sorry they got so big…. ahhh

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