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    What is the best thread and size needle to use on a sewing machine while sewing on paper? I know Lisa G has a wealth of sewing experience and if any one else does, please advise me. I've tried using my little craft sewing machine but the thread that it came with breaks all the time, so I brought out the big gun and found that the normal thread I use is thin and has no body to it. Is there some kind of floss for the big gun? Can I expect the feeder to jam up on papper? If so, what's the remedy for that?


    I use the same size needle I use to sew material.
    I always buy Coats Dual Duty thread…You can get it anywhere :o)
    What you might want to try is to loosen the tension a little and..try a new needle.
    If the needle is dull it will give you problems :o)
    Hope this helps.


    I've said for a month or two now that sewing on a LO is my next project….but I haven't done it yet. I think I'm too lazy to get the sewing machine out….


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      Have never done this, but love the look. Don't have a machine, have never sewn anything. But I can sew on a button! 🙂 Someday I will have Krissy teach me how to do it!


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        When I sew on a layout, I just do it by hand using any needle and regular black thread, doubled. It takes hours to do, but I love the look!

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          I use my machine and regular thread for now. I am going to go to a sewing store and buy some embroidery type thread on spools to try, I think it is thinker and definately shinny


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            I just got a Janome-Hello Kitty machine(you should have seen the look on the DH and DS's faces-lol!). I have been practicing alot, but have only had the nerve to sew a plain straight line on a page. I have found that you have to set the tension at different levels for different stitches, but usually a six does well. I was told to use a 9 (65) needle and use an 80 to 100 thread. It seems to work well for me. I am definetly not an expert, but I hope this helps you out.



            Well it all depends on your machine. On my Viking, I use a universal needle. They are sharp. If you use a needle for polyester or knit fabrics, it wont go through paper well as the tip is more rounded. A universal needle tip is very sharp, so it will pierce paper without difficulty. For sewing on card stock or a few layers of paper, the size I use is a size 11. For thicker paper or leather canvas and grunge board, use a larger size like a 14. Of course my digital Viking has button settings for all kinds of fabrics and thicknesses, but on my Singer Featherweight that is over 50 years old, I use the same size needles.
            Just some tips, don't ever sew through glue or tape runner adhesive. Great way to gum up your machine. I tack a few tiny places with the tape runner in places that I know I wont run over with the machine.
            Use a heavy Dual Duty Thread. Coats and Clarks is a great one and not very expensive. I am a sewer so I have specialty threads but they are very thin. I like my thread to show up. Make sure your bobbin thread is the same as the thread you are sewing with. Otherwise your thread will break. Loosen up the tension a bit so that your paper glides through with out a problem. If the tension is to tight, it may tear your paper. And widen your stitches. To tight of a stitch will also tear your paper.
            Experiment!! It is easier than you think!!
            And when I am at the end of my stitches, I go over the first few stitches I started with , and bring the tails to the back, and tape them securely with scotch tape.


            EXCELLENT TIPS! I've been using the universal needle but will try your recommended threads and play with the tension a little. Thanks so much ladies. I wish there was a forum like this for life in general where you know you're getting good advice. 🙂


            Another great tip from another Swirly Savage! ;D


            I may have to drag out the machine after reading this thread ( no pun intended)))


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              LOL Kathi! I had to pull out my big White (name of the Mfg). I used a heavy grade quilting thread and first time out, my machine went through the paper like melted buttah! ;D

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