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      First, I want to THANK all of you. Your support and words of encouragement have absolutely gotten me through this  HELL WEEK that I have suffered. Without you guys, a gallon of whiskey (and a couple of very talented tech people – Herman & Michelle) I would be more of a basket case than should rightly be walking free. So thank you all… for your emails, your phone calls and your prayers. They've been well received and put to good use for sure!



      I think it was last Friday – my computer started acting up. On Sunday night I wrote a post asking if any of you had been having any problems. A few of you had, and emailed me to tell me. By the time Monday rolled around the site was gone. Completely eaten by bots sent in from hundreds of different computers from all over the globe. Assholes.


      I wasn't aware the site had gone down. I was sitting in the vet's office with our Rotti Codi. She is an insulin dependent diabetic who lost her sight completely due to cataracts. Well, by the grace of God her cataracts miraculously disappeared in May and she got her sight back fully. We didn't question it – we were just THANKFUL for it!  By Monday moing, Codi had awaken in extreme pain. She was crying constantly, her left eye was solid white and oozing green stuff. I took her to her vet, who referred her immediately to the opthamologist. Yes, they have DOG Opthamologists. So, I took her to the specialist who discovered that when Codi got her sight back, that was her cataract filled lenses falling back into the globe of her eye. Well, in the left eye, that cataract filled lens came up through her pupil and lodged itself in front of her iris blocking her vision completely. It also is blocking any fluid from draining out of her eye causing extreme pain.  This is called Lens luxation.


      How do we get her out of pain? I asked the doc.  Well… hells bells if she didn't tell me that I either have to put my dog to sleep, or have her eye removed completely. The dumbfouded look on my face must have told the doc that I couldn't make a snap judgement on this one, so she sent Codi home with enough morphine to last her two weeks while we decide what to do.


      Codi is an old girl for sure. She's lived a very long and happy life. She's healthy other than the diabetes which we've finally gotten under control. My husband wants her put down. He feels it's unfair to put her through an eye removal. I was in agreement. Until she got up off the floor and kicked the crap out of my 2 year old Mastiff! How can I put her to sleep if she's got that much spunk?  I can't. So she's going in for surgery next Friday moing to have her left eye removed.  =o/


      On an upnote – I went and saw Eclipse last night.  *sigh* Edward is getting hotter and hotter with each passing movie, and he looked flat scrumptious in Eclipse! I highly recommend this movie to everyone!


      Big hugs to you all!


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        OMG Krissy how are you still functioning!!!

        Sending you the family and most importantly your faithful puppy, best wishes and lots of prayers.

        About 12 months ago we were in a very similiar position our 14 year old maltese (our little man) was left in the hands of who we thought at the time to be a trusted and responsible adult. She took him out for a walk to help us out during a really difficult stage, and well lets just say she allowed him to be bitten by a stray dog thinking it would be nice for the two to meet each other!
        The most apalling part though she chose not to let us know what had happened and 6 hours later rang us up to say ohh i think i noticed a little red mark under his coat we might want to check out.

        It tued out that the stray animal had infected teeth and after 6 hours in the warm weather our poor dogs wound had become infected and was tuing septic. We rushed him to the vet after begging them to see him after hours and they took one look and said he would be very lucky to survive especially after he would need such a big anaesthetic at his age. They suggested we really should consider putting him to sleep. But you know there was no way i could do it after he had sat there for the prior 6 hours with such a terrible wound on my feet looking after me as he knew i was also really very ill at the time.

        He underwent the surgery there and then and our little man survived, he was really ill for a week and it took him about 3 or 4 to really get over the operation but he survived with lots of love, much hand feeding of food and lots of pampering that he now continues at times to see if he can get away with… He's only got one remaining hang over from the whole event, he now wont go any further than the front garden when going for a walk! He used to almost drag us out the door to go out, now he drags us out to the garden spends 2 minutes having a sniff around and then he drags us back, he's really happy with his own little patch of grass!!

        so Krissy im going to be sending you every ounce of wishes, prayers and strength for your mate, and ill be getting our two puppies to send all their strength and payers in doggie wishes!

        And here is the little man helping me out on the couch a few weeks back!! He's now 15 and a bit!



        Oh, Krissy! So sorry to hear about Codi! And to be dealing with this and then the website..! My thoughts and prayers have been with you all week and will continue! Hope Codi's surgery goes well!


        Krissy, so sorry this happened to you both with the site and the dog. We love this place and hope you will always keep it going. I think I would be lost without you all now!
        Was this just a random act? I don't really understand the whole hacking thing. Do people just sit back and giggle after they have destroyed someones website just because they can? What do they get out of it? I don't get it.
        Hope everything goes well with the doggie. I have 3 cats, one has a heart condition so I feel your pain.

        (OOoops nevermind – just read the thread with the explanation!)

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          OH Krissy, so sorry for everything…. we'll be sending our prayers for Codi!!!

          Tammy, thank goodness your little man is okay now!!! Wow, what an experience!!!


          Oh man, so sorry about your pup Krissy!! 🙁 Hopefully he will be back to himself soon!!

          I knew something was wrong with the site Monday, the error that it was giving was NOT a good one. 🙁

          I am SO glad we are BACK!!

          Oh, and yes, Eclipse was AWESOME!! OMG Edward def looked his YUMMIEST. And Jasper! I wanted to jump his Southe bones! :p

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            OMG what a WEEK! How can that all happen at the same time?!?! I hope everything goes well for Codi. I'm happy Swirlydoos is back and rocking!


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              Aw Krissy, I'm so sorry all this has hapenned! Your poor furry baby!!! I'm sending prayers your way, hang in there! We love you around here!! *hugs*


              I don't know why you are still sane!! What a week!'' Prayers for Codi…good for her for giving Matani his comeuppence. If she has that much spunk then she'll do fine. She did well when she couldn't see .


              thank you for all the hard work you have done to get the site up and running and better than ever..you truely are WONDER WOMAN!!!!


              Glad to hear that Codi will be having the surgery. Sounds like you are making the right decision. I love my Cody to death and would have a hard time if I were in that situation.

              Also, so glad that things are getting back to normal with the website. It's a great bunch of ladies here and I am thankful that you brought us all together!


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                Wow Krissy! I'm so sorry about your doggie!!
                The sight looks fabulous and is running great with all your hard work and the girlies love?

                "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


                Krissy….you have the strength of a mama bear to survive HELL WEEK. Thank goodness, it's over!!! Wow, girl!
                I know that your Codi will be just fine. Animals have a great way of adjusting to whatever happens. We had a Shar Pei that had to have his front leg amputated. He acted just like he was bo with 3 legs….never missed the other one….except he couldn't hike his leg to pee!
                Do you have a clue why the hackers hit your site? I'm guess it was the weak spot in the program that allowed them in????
                Glad everyone is back. The site looks like SwirlyHome again…..


                Oh Krissy I'm so sorry you had such a hellish week but at least it's over. Prayers and hugs to you and your puppy!! !heart


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                  I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! 🙁 I have a toy poodle who has cataracts- it breaks my heart to see him try to navigate the house, but there really isn't much the vets can do for him. It's amazing how dogs become our family- I can't imagine my life without having a dog around!


                  Awww…………SORRY about your dog! Hope things only get better from here on!!

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