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    Swirly Scrapper
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      Lets just say that, Hypothetically, Swirlydoos were to start a Color Room type of challenge. We couldn't call it the Color Room because that name is already taken. We would have to come up with a different name that means the same thing. What would YOU Hypothetically call it??….there may Hypothetically be a little prize if your name is chosen…. Hypothetically speaking!


      Swirly Scrapper
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        Hypothetically and all, maybe something along the lines of Shades of Savagery, or Savage Shades???????


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          oh, good ones Peggy!!!

          Savage Luminosity
          Savage Hues
          Color Me Savage
          How does your Savage Glow
          The Savage Undertone

          That's all for now. Let me get some more coffee 🙂


          I like Peggy's and Lisa's Color Me Savage


          Here is my Marketing insight for what it's worth: BRANDING
          What is the intent of the Challenge? Is it to try and increase Swirlydoo brand? Or is it only for inteal fun purposes? and I realize it can be for both.

          Everytime the word Swirly is used, it increases our BRAND. BRAND aweness is significant. People google on BRAND. I am here only because I saw the word Swirlydoos on SB.com numerous times – as I believe many other are for the same reason. BRAND recognition.

          I understand that we love Swirlys and are here to lea, be enriched and have fun. BUT this is also a business for Krissy and others. We want Swirly's to be the top inteet site. As Swirly's grow, so grows the rest of us. We are all in this together.

          (I know – perhaps I overthink, but it's what I do in my everyday job as a consultant….and I tend to overthink.) BUT just hear me out…..as I say much too often to my bosses.

          So for me, the question is once again, the intent of the Challenge.

          Is the challenge being used to try and entice outsiders? If so, then no one outside the Swirly world will understand quite what the Savage word means. It may be a tu-off and has no connection to Swirly outside of us. It's funny as heck though!

          That said, and a lot of hot air…..I could only come up wiith

          Swirls of Color
          Swirling in Color


          hey – and you can go ahead and toss the rotten tomato at me for blowing this way outta complexity. My bosses toss all kinds of s%#@ all the time.

          I've got tough skin and teens. You gals cannot get under my skin because my teens already have that spot filled. 🙂


          Swirly Scrapper
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            Good point, Jenn!!!! & I like your solutions.

            Swirly Admin
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              How about something with Swirlydoos or Swirly???? I'm thinking but my brain is not in good working order yet…..I need another cup of joe!!


              How about Swirly Color Schemes and if a sketch is involved maybe Swirly Color Schemes and Sketches

              I do really like Jennifer's idea of Swirls of Color!


              Swirly Scrapper
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                I can't really think of anything without using the word color, except for Swirlytones.


                I think Jen has the expertise going on this one. I like the idea of using Swirls or Swirlydoo something….
                I could vote for Swirls of Color.


                I think something with Swirls in it too! GOOD ideas Jen!

                Swirlydoos Shade palet…
                Shades of Swirlydoos…


                I can see Jen's point so yes something to do with swirls or swirlydoos would be good


                Liking Tina's suggestions.

                Folks – by no means am I a marketing expert. That makes me smile. I am really great at complexities – creating them that is. I just work for a tiny consulting company that has worked really hard at Branding.

                I also love promoting things I believe in. It's easy to talk about the things you love.


                Swirly Scrapper
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                  I like Shades of Swirlydoos… Thanks, Tina!!

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