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    Well, my mojo is back as I have had a few ideas for layouts, but my room is a mess and I am swamped with work and household duties!! 🙁 Now I have no TIME instead of no mojo! :p

    WHHHYYYY????!!! Ahhh, so cruel!


    Swirly Scrapper
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      Manda, I hope you find time because I sure miss you and your Awesome creations!


      Manda, hope you find find some to scrap soon! I have also missed seeing you amazing work around here!


      If it's not one thing, it's another. I hope you can carve out some scrapping time really soon.


      You guys are sweet. 🙂

      HOPEFULLY I can get some challenges done on the 4th, but I don't know if I will have time then either.

      My room is the biggest mess ever. I really need to clean up and out so I know what I have and create a clear spot to create!


      2 layouts on the past 2 months is just so sad.

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        Manda it just figures that would happen, well I hope you do find some scrappy time for yourself!


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          Hope to see some of your sassy work soon Manda!

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            Isn't that the way it goes…every dang time too.

            "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


            Hey Mandy. My suggestion – follow your Mojo, do a layout – it may guilt you into cleaning up the mess ..

            P.S. Making suggestions is always easier than doing those things yourself….


            LOL!! I need something to guilt me, it is a mess and a half!! And now, I have another kit plopped on top!

          Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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