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    We might all be on the Caival ship that is without electricity with no hot food, air conditioning or TV…..that sucketh! I'd rather be cleaning house!


    or….we coulld be one of the 4000 customers without electricity when they blew up an old smoke stack and it fell the wrong way into some power lines….uh-oh!


    or…this could be your son in law…



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      AAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is that?

      Swirly Admin
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        wow..what people do to themselves!

        "Some cars look like they're going fast when they're standing still. The Camaro looks like it's going to beat you unconscious, put you in a silly hat, invite a couple of other Camaros over to take photos of you, then e-mail them to all your friends and co-workers. Call me crazy, but I like that in a car."


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          Debbie you forgot to mention that those people are eating SPAM! Ack!!


          or…this could be your son in law…


          Just think of what he is going to look like when he is old.
          Saggy skin is no friend of a tattoo


          OMG!!! I am sooooooooooo thankful that my DD isn't with that moron! What was he thinking????? That pic actually took my breath away….and not in a good way either!


          or…this could be your son in law…


          This pic looks like this dumb ass has a board and an arrow sticking through his head….What an idiot….
          (can you tell I'm not being very accepting of this life style??? LOL)

          Swirly Admin
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            he is not CAKE make him go away plzzzz heheh 🙂



            Do you remember the girl that said she fell asleep and when she woke up in the tattoo place she had the stars tattood all over her face?? And lied??? Well, that guy I posted is the tattoo artist… Hold on, I will try to find the pic of the girl…
            Freekin Idiots!!



            Things could be worse..You could wake up from breast implant surgery gone bad…
            OUCH..talk about a back ache…



            Notice how she has to hold on to stand up? Seriously are those photoshopped? Someone could NOT have twins that big could they?


            OMG that is ridiculous


            those are bigger than my 4 year old!!!!

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