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    Tim will be giving classes in St. Pete Fl on the 6&7 of May . Sponsored by Whim So Doodle 1-727-827-4911 if anyone is interested


    wish I had some $$$. That would be a good birthday present to myself!


    You going, Kathi?


    Yes!1 Thelma and Louise are on the road again!!


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      I figured that you & Thelma would be attending!!! Have fun!!


      Sounds like a great time, Kathi! Lea lots of new techniques to share with us!!!


      Yay!!!!!!!!! I am attending the Creative Outlets class on May 6th!!!! 10-1pm!! I am so excited!!!!


      Thanks for the heads up Kathi!! Which classes are you 2 attending?


      We're going to there for 2 days. We're taking the Creative Outlets, Creative Blocks and the Configureation Your Imagination classes.

      This makes up for not being able to go on the Sept cruise Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!


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        Sooooooo jealous! It sounds like you all will have a great time.


        Awe..have fun ladies!


        sounds great – make sure you take lots of notes, i want to lea it all from you at camp!!

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          I'm so excited cause I didn't think I'd get a chance to see him this year….this is a perfect venue and much less expensive…got a free airline ticket…..yippeee!!!

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            Lisa, we moost get together other than the class too!!!


            Awesome! Have fun!

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