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      Okay, so now that I have my Cameo on the way, what do you think are the must have files? If you have an example please post it? I will need all the help i can get!

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        I personally just go to their online store and browse. There are dozens of borders, doilies, swirlies there to chose from plus specialitly images all for $.99 ea.or you can buy a subscription. I just cut out a monkey to put on a baby gift present


        Doilies, borders, love the print and cut option. Pretty much all of them.


        I also browse, I just look for what will work on certain layouts.

        I have a lot of borders and banners and doilies plus flourishes and sayings.


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          I am embarrassed to say that I have only really used mine mostly for circles, SO FAR, but you don't need to buy anything to make those. :p I still need to get a membership- too lazy to get my wallet from downstairs when I am browsing the store. 🙂


          I have a membership, I like it. That way, I can just hop on and get what I want and it is cheaper.

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            I'm still doing the one at a time. I may look into a membership!


            Kathi I love my membership. I've had a membership for like gosh..5 years or more. (I'm an old silhouette owner) I'm now up to 9000 files. In the old memberships you could download everything and I did..but with the new memberships you can download a certain amount..mine is 14.99 for 150 files a month..I think the advertised price is 19.99 but if you google silhouette coupons you can get one for 14.99.. if you bought 15 or more files a month you'd already have paid for the 150 files you can get with a membership.
            Here is my list of what I usually download..
            all 12×12's
            flowers and leaves
            borders of course
            anything I can use as stencils…and here's a hint if you look at the cards, there are a lot with really cool cut outs that make perfect size stencils :o)..I go nuts over these lol
            street lamps
            all fonts
            any notebook cuts – search notebook and you'll find some really cool borders and tags
            and of course – lots and lots of phrases
            oh and tags (look under manila tag & luggage tag, I use those two the most.
            and search for beehive background…this is my most favorite stencil!
            I have so many bird and birdcages it's insane lol
            search branch too…lots of pretty branches!
            I use the brick stencils a lot also..just search brick
            search damask also..
            lol..I could go on for hours!

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              OMG !!! Barbara you really do have alot

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