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    I just looked at the time and realize I have been on this website almost 3 hours. Wow maybe I need to give myself a time limit. I usually look at this at night which explains to me now why I seem to be having trouble sleeping. My brain doesn't stop. I seem to read and look for hours. Ughhhhhhhh I hate having so many addictions.


    I do the same thing! If I spent as much time actually working on cards and layouts as I do on this site, I would have so much done…..I just can't help myself…..


    me three!!!


    That' probably why I haven't done ONE LO this month! YIKES!!


    I just realized my girlfriend does not have a clock in her craft room. She said she needs to get one until she retires because she stays up too late. I would get a clue when it starts getting light out.


    I've actually scrapped the night into the moing several times! Such fun!!!


    I am embarrassed to say it has gotten light out since I joined Swiryldoos just looking at site. I figure since I am retired I can do that but I also have some health issues that it triggers so I need to some how lea some discipline. I keep trying and refuse to give up but it sure has been slow in comimg. Been praying but not answered yet or got no answer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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