Paper Distressing Tutorial

Deeply Distressing your Papers

A photo tutorial by: Tina Rutledge












The paper you wish to distress

scissors/edge distresser

Ink pad








I use my nails and also my scissors to distress the edges of the papers. Start by distressing all of your edges.







Now you have finished edges.






Now you will start making folds, creases in and around the edges of your paper. Think of it as if you were working with clay, making impressions in your paper.














Next, you can make deep creases in your paper. You can do this subtle or drastic. For example, flipping or curling the edges up or down to reveal more of the other side of the double sided paper.









The heavier weight double sided papers work best for this. Keep in mind the thinner the paper, it will tear more easily.









Once you have your papers the way you like, ink the edges. It makes everything stand out more. I also go over the creases I've made in the paper with the top of the ink pad.








We hope this tutorial has helped to give you some ideas on distressing techniques to use with your patte paper!